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Get Your Pet’s Teeth Examined By A Veterinarian In Orange

Dentistry is an important aspect of pet care and while oral hygiene and some dental care can be provided at home, a regular check-up by a veterinarian in Orange is very important.

Pet owners generally have not been very regular with their pet’s dental care and as a result almost 70-80% of cats and dogs suffer from oral disease from a young age. Dental diseases can very quickly lead to other health problems with lungs and kidneys. AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) provides the dental guidelines to enable the veterinarians to provide the adequate dental treatments required by a pet.

Understand Your Pet’s Oral Health With A Veterinarian In Orange

Bad breath is the first indication of poor hygiene and an oral problem. Get your pet examined by a veterinarian for gum disease. Gum disease or periodontal disease is the infection in the gum area around the teeth that results in the buildup of plaque on the teeth. The next stage is the solidification of the dead bacterial by calcium in saliva, also known as tartar. If left on its own the buildup of plaque and tarter will spread to the root, causing gingivitis, swelling and bleeding of the gums.

Finally, the infection surrounds the root and causes erosion of the boned holding the tooth. This condition is not only painful but also results in the tooth loss. Most of these issues can be avoided with proper dental care from an early stage.

Learn About The Dental Care That A Veterinarian In Orange Can Provide

The veterinarian in Orange will do the oral examination and dental cleanings. Veterinarian will evaluate puppies and kittens for missing or extra teeth, swellings and oral development and for developmental anomalies, plaque and tartar accumulations, gum disease and oral tumors in older pets.

Your veterinarian will provide the following dental services at a minimum:

* Basic examinations can be done with pets that are awake but a thorough examination and dental cleaning will require a mild anesthesia.
* Pre-anesthetic exam is required to ensure that your pet is healthy to get anesthetic treatment. While anesthesia is being administered, your pet will be monitored for any signs of distress.
* Dental radiographs are taken to determine oral health. This enables your veterinarian to create a treatment plan for your pet.
* Scaling & Polishing are used to remove plaque and tartar.
* Fluoride/sealants are used as anti-plaque treatment and to strengthen and desensitize the teeth.

Ask you veterinarian in Orange about your pet’s dental care at home

Routine check-up of your pet’s oral situation is very important. Take a good look in the mouth for any foul smell or bad breath. Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian in Orange if you suspect something. Regular teeth brushing must be a part of the daily pet care schedule. Use special tooth brush and tooth paste designed for pets.

Lack of dental care can very quickly lead to more serious problems. Talk to a veterinarian Orange about the importance of dental care. For more information, visit ocvetmedcenter.com.

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