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Get the Best Deals When You Shop at Kamloops Second Hand Stores

When you need to buy clothes and items for your home, you might try to find any way possible to save money. One option is to shop at second hand stores in Kamloops. These are stores that accept donations and then sell them for a fraction of the price of new items. You can usually find exceptional bargains on everything from clothes and shoes to dishes and furniture with a few clever shopping tips.


Avoid entering a thrift store without some kind of plan in place. You need to know what the store sells as some offer more items for children while others might offer more furniture and home goods. Try to set a budget for how much you want to spend as you shouldn’t spend on new items in a retail store.

Small Stores

Sometimes, the best deals are available in stores close to small towns instead of in larger stores. Many close-knit communities tend to gather together to donate belongings and want to help each other compared to bustling cities where people might not have as much time to donate items.

When to Shop

Although the weekend seems like it would be a good time to shop at thrift stores because more people are off of work and donating, it’s often the busiest time for shopping during the week. When you visit second hand stores in Kamloops, try to go during the middle of the week. New items are usually put on store shelves and racks in preparation for the weekend rush.

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