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Get Product Details of BSE

BSE is an acronym of ‘Bombay Stock Exchange’, which has been established in the year 1875. As the name itself suggests, it is a stock exchange and is the tenth largest on ground of market capitalization in the globe. It includes a base of wide shareholder base with two topmost global stock exchanges. It takes into account 2/3rd of overall trading quantity in the economy.

The main purpose of BSE is to offer a marketplace for buying as well as selling of security. Here the term “Security” stands for evidence relating to ownership of business or public debt and also business properties. Promoting, developing and maintaining a well-organized market to deal in securities and safeguarding interests of investors. It offers a golden opportunity to trade in debt instruments, indices, derivatives and equity. Below are mentioned about the previously mentioned products in details.

Product details of Bombay Stock Exchange

* Equity: In financial terms, equity is considered as leftover interest or claim by lower standard of investors made in assets after they have paid their liabilities. Therefore, if it is found that one’s liability is exceeding his/her assets then it is usually considered as negative assets. Information for equities on stock market can be found in “one minute snapshots” and “Real-time” including two different levels.

First level consists of traded volume, best offer with quantity, BSE scrip code and traded prices (Low, High, Last and Open). On the other hand, second level of equity information consists of upper and lower circuit limits respectively, weighted average prices, total rate of buying and selling, turnover values and number of trends and trades as well. Hence, you can get to know about everything in details.

* Debt: Debt, in simple terms refers to the amount of sum borrowed by one party from another in terms of an agreement to be paid later. Many individuals as well as corporations use the method to make big purchases. Bombay Stock Exchange offers trading opportunities for debt instruments both from corporate and government. Information on trading such debt instruments are offered in similar way as equity.

* Derivatives: Derivatives can be considered as a security whose pricing structure depends on one or multiple fundamental assets. Here assets include interest rates, credit, equity prices, commodity, currency exchange rates etc. Derivatives data can be gathered on the basis of similar formats as mentioned in equity. Presently this data is offered to investors without cost to popularise it on the stock exchange market.

* Indices: Stock indices are an important method to measure valuation of the whole stock market. It is calculated from prices of some preferable stocks and is often a weighted average. To put it in simple terms, indices are a measurement tool of financial managers and investors for describing the market as well as comparing returns on particular investments. Report on stock indices can be gathered from feed of “one minute snapshots” and “Real-time”. In fact, an investor can find all the details here relating to stock market indices.

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