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Get More From Your Digital Marketing Using Programmatic Ad Buying

Programmatic ad buying and geo fencing services are changing the face of digital marketing. Digital marketing has transformed business progressively since its inception. But even though many businesses reach customers they never could have reached without the internet, there’s still more to discover.

Traditional ad buying and targeting for online marketing campaigns both involve a large amount of in-person development. Most media campaigns for businesses working with online advertising require inserting orders manually and buying bulk ads that a distributor has control over. Businesses can reach a large audience with this type of ad buying, but they can do even better with programmatic ad buying and geo-fencing.

Use geo-fencing services to target future customers using locators. There are several ways to create geo-fence boundaries so that you can place your ads more carefully. Geo-fencing creates a highly specialized advertising plan based on real-life user data for each ad of your choice. You can create a centroid radius, track walk or drive time with an isochrone, or build footprints using polygons. Reach your audience using the right fencing method and achieve your advertising goals more efficiently than ever.

Using programmatic ads allows you to avoid bulk buying ads you don’t really want. The programmatic method lets you use exchanges and software to track and tag the types of ads you want in real-time. You also won’t have to insert each order individually. The extra control will give you the chance to better manage and adjust campaigns to achieve more accurate results. For more information, contact Launch Media today.

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