Get High Legally with Legal Smoking Herbs

Legal smoking herbs have become quite popular among people looking for a legal high these days. Free from the harmful effects of cigarettes these legal smoking herbs are completely free from nicotine and possibly the best legal alternative to smoking cannabis or marijuana. These legal smoking herbs have been around for thousands of years and have been used by medicine men and shamans from various cultures all over the world for religious rituals, elevate mood, relaxation etc. Here in this article we will take a look at the various kinds of legal herbs available today.


Legal Smoking Herbs: Some Popular Types


Here are some of the most popular types of legal smoking herbs available today –


  • Wild Lettuce: Lettuce or lactuca as it is also known is a flowering plant of the Asteraceae family. There are about a 100 species which can be classified as lettuce. Wild lettuce specifically refers to the wildly growing variety. This variety of lettuce contains a milky juice which is known to possess sedative properties.


  • Passion Flower: Passion flower also known as passion vine was used in folk medicine to produce a calming effect. Most of the 500 species of these flowering plants are vines while some are shrubs and a few are herbaceous. One clinical study has found that it helps to lower anxiety. It is sometimes also used in the form of herbal tea to aid sleep.


  • Nettle: Nettle is the name commonly used for about 30 to 35 species of plants belonging to the Urticaceae family. Though mostly perennial herbaceous, some of these flowering plants are annual while some are shrubby. The leaves from the stinging nettle are used for making a soft drink which is quite popular in Northwestern Europe.


  • Mugwort: Botanically known by the name of Artemisia vulgaris, Mugwort is sometimes also known by the names of Chrysanthemum Weed, Felon Herb, Wild Wormwood, Sailor’s Tobacco, Old Uncle Henry, St. John’s Plant, Naughty Man or Old Man. Native to northern Africa, Asia and Europe, it also grows as an invasive plant in North America. Mugwort contains a substance called thujone which is best known for its connection with absinthe, a drink which had inspired a whole generation of 19th century writers, thinkers and artists.


  • Lion’s Tail: Botanically known by the name of Leonotis leonurus, Lion’s Tail belongs to the Lamiaceae family. It is a native of southern Africa. The leaves of this plant are used for the preparation of a tea. Studies have also shown that it possesses hypoglycemic, anti-nociceptive and anti-inflammatory properties.


These legal smoking herbs are also known to be a good option for those who are trying to quit smoking tobacco or marijuana.

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