Get Help From Workers Compensation Lawyers in Nashville, TN, for Your Claim Oct16


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Get Help From Workers Compensation Lawyers in Nashville, TN, for Your Claim

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that is there to cover you when you’ve been injured on the job. It covers wages, medical bills and rehabilitation in order to get you back on your feet. The insurance also kicks in as long as you were performing duties related to your employment. That is to say, you can be traveling for your employer, are injured while you are doing your job, and still able to file a claim. The types of injuries you receive can be ones that happen suddenly or over time; all that matters is that you were injured while you were employed. However, filing a claim isn’t always straightforward and help from workers compensation lawyers in New Lenox can be invaluable.

A typical claim works like this: first, seek medical attention as soon as possible, then notify the employer or anyone who is in a supervisory position. You need to make the notification as quickly as possible, preferably after the injury happens, although you do have a couple of days allowed to you by law. For injuries that happen over a period of time, you need to alert the employer as soon as you become aware of the problem. After you report the injury, your employer will provide you with a claim form for you to fill out and submit to the employer, state board and insurance company. Keep copies of everything you fill out for proof.

Now, this is assuming that your claim is going to be handled in a straightforward manner. Sometimes it so happens that someone doesn’t feel they need to treat you respectfully and makes your claim difficult. This could come in the form of not informing you of your options, dragging out the disbursement of your benefits or sending you to a doctor that is sympathetic to the employer, not you. When any of these issues arise, it’s time to talk to workers compensation lawyers in New Lenox.

Your rights are being ignored in these situations and an attorney has the ability to push back on your behalf. All you are looking for is to be treated fairly and given what you are guaranteed to by law. A lawyer goes to those involved to make sure that you do.

If you need legal help, be sure to contact Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C.

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