Gentle Wisdom Tooth Care

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Dentistry

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Wisdom teeth, which are also known as your third molars, come in during your teen or young adult years. Because most Americans have small jaws, wisdom teeth removal in Wrigleyville is typically necessary. People have small jaws because they are given soft foods as babies. Improved overall dental health also means that since few teens have lost any of their molars because of tooth decay, there is just no room for the third molars.

Leaving the third molars in your jaws could cause your other teeth to shift out of their ideal positions. If you have already had orthodontic care, this could cause you to need another round of braces. In some people, the wisdom teeth are impacted. This means that they are stuck in the jaw. Even if the teeth are stuck within the jaw, they can still push on the second molars and cause them to move.

Wisdom teeth removal is a simple surgery. We begin the process by taking X-rays to determine where your wisdom teeth are within your jaws. If they are impacted, you will need anesthesia and sedation. If your wisdom teeth have erupted, numbing or light sedation may be all that you need. We can extract one of your wisdom teeth during a visit or get them all out at the same time. When you have your wisdom teeth removed, you will need to have a responsible person drive you home. Take the rest of the day easy, and don’t make any big decisions.

When you need wisdom teeth removal in Wrigleyville, contact us at Northalsted Dental Spa. We offer gentle care, a range of sedation options and coordination with your orthodontist or other healthcare specialists. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or visit us for more information.

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