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Geek Toys Offer Many Benefits Other Than Fun

Many people love geek toys, such as brain teasers and puzzle boxes, yet don’t want to admit that they enjoy playing with these items. They should though as the brain is stimulated when it is given a unique problem or challenge such as that presented by these toys. Studies have shown that our brain functions better if it is frequently exposed to new ideas and activities. If you haven’t played with any geek toys lately, now is the time to do so. Your brain will benefit as a result.

When you play with a brain teaser or a puzzle of any type, your brain activity is boosted. Many feel they are getting enough by doing a daily crossword or Sudoku puzzle, but this actually isn’t the case. The brain needs a wide variety to get the full benefit of using these items. When you succeed at one of the toys, you also get a feeling of accomplishment and emotional satisfaction and everyone can benefit from that.

The use of geek toys helps to improve your processing speed and memory. If you find that you have trouble concentrating, original puzzles and brain teasers can be of great help in improving the length of time you can concentrate on a task. Children with ADHD often benefit from using these items as they learn to focus better and have fun while doing so. It helps to reduce their boredom and keeps them out of trouble. Best of all, they are learning while engaging in these activities and yet often don’t realize this is the case.

Research has been done that shows patients at risk of dementia who use puzzles and brain teasers reduce their risk of this disease. For those that have already been diagnosed with dementia, the games help to slow the decline. These games don’t have to be very complex and the person doesn’t actually have to solve the puzzle to give the brain a workout. They still get the benefits which can help to slow these progressive diseases.

If you haven’t picked up a brain teaser or wooden puzzle lately, do so today. Once you try it out, you’ll find that they are fun and engaging. You won’t even realize you are getting a brain workout while doing the activity.

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