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Fundraising Ideas for Your School

Fundraising is a great way to get behind your school whether it’s in sports, joining the PTA or just showing that you care. Often halfway through the year however, fundraising gets stale and everyone runs out of Fundraising Idea. Below you will find some fundraising ideas that you might not have even thought of yet; keep on reading to learn more and get excited about helping your school again.

Baking cookies and holding a bake sale is a great, and traditional, way to help your school raise money for everything from field trips to new computers. However, how about trying it a different way this year, and go with Otis Spunkmeyer cookies and muffins to sell instead. Not to say that you shouldn’t hold a homemade bake sale as well, but this is another option to consider.

A raffle is an old standby as well that you will find works just as well in today’s modern world as it did in years gone by. How about trying a classic raffle, with prizes being donated from the local businesses. You can also do a chance ticket, where the winner gets half of the money raised. These types of fundraisers are best done during a sporting event, so the football team would be the perfect choice to handle this one. If you go with having prizes donated from local businesses, your school will get to keep 100 percent of the profits.

If you are looking for more of a creative spin on the classic raffle above, how about a basket raffle? Again, you will need to get area businesses to donate to the cause and have each class pick a theme for their basket. For example, maybe the cooking class will pick a chocolate theme or the football theme will pick a sports theme. Once the themes are picked create a list and then sell raffle tickets to parents at the next huge event so that they have a chance of winning one of the gorgeous baskets. It’s a great way to raise money, and encourage creativity in the kids, plus you get to once again keep 100 percent of the profits for the school.

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