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FUE Hair Transplant Philadelphia

Like youth and good health, people take thick hair for granted; well, until it’s gone – of course. Fortunately, patients living in Philadelphia today have options to effectively restore lost hair through hair transplant surgery. Today, we will look at one surgical option known as Follicular Unit Excision or “FUE.”

What is FUE Hair Transplant Philadelphia?

FUE is a procedure where a hair transplant surgeon uses a small tool to cut around individual hair follicles from the donor area (sides and back of the scalp), plucks the follicles out “one-by-one” using forceps (medical tweezers), reviews the “grafts” under a microscope, and then implants them in the bald/thinning scalp. During an FUE procedure, hundreds to sometimes thousands of new hairs can be moved in one sitting.

How long does the transplant take?

Depending on the severity of baldness and how many grafts the surgeon plans to transplant, it can take anywhere from several hours to upwards of 12 hours for one session of FUE hair transplant surgery in Philadelphia. You may also need more session depending on your specific hair loss pattern.

What are the expected results?

Approximately six weeks after the surgery, most of the transplanted hair sheds. This allows new hair re-growth to begin starting month 3. Results continue to mature through the 12th to 18th month mark. If you see a licensed and trusted FUE hair transplant Philadelphia doctor your chances of a successful procedure with expected results are good.

Curious as to whether or not an FUE procedure in Philadelphia is right for now? Visit our website at https://fellermedical.com/ to learn more about our Philadelphia office and how to visit us for an evaluation and recommendation.

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