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Front Paths Maidstone – Ideas on Front Path Installation and Decoration

Having a beautiful house involves caring for both its interior as well as its exterior: cleaning, repairing, and occasionally redecorating. If you are now focused on how your house looks to visitors before crossing the threshold, then we have some suggestions for installing or decorating your front paths – Maidstone homeowners in particular should take them into consideration.

1. Place flower pots on the sides of the path. Try to have flowers throughout all seasons, as each season favors different plants.

2. Decorate the sides of the paths in Maidstone with items such as statues, garden gnomes, colorful miniature windmills or others. Be careful though not to make the view too crowded; a few carefully chosen and places pieces make more of an impact than a throng of garden knickknacks. Leave some space around each item so that it isn’t hidden or obscured.

3. Piano key stone slabs – This is a design you can choose for your front path before installation. It has nice graphics and the natural stone slabs are embedded in grass or groundcover, making the mix of nature and civilization in front of your house more obvious.

4. Flagstone model – Flagstone is a nice option for the path and it has a lower price than the natural stone slabs. Flagstones will look nice with grass veining between the pieces, but sand can also be used for separating them.

5. Stone slabs placed on a broken stone path – the stone slabs will have some distance between them, so that they look like they are floating on a “river” of gravel. This definitely gives a nice look to paths, Maidstone homeowners find.

6. How about a wooden path? You can use wood or composite wood to build a boardwalk pathway. Composite slats (plastic wood) may be more durable and require less maintenance than natural wood.

7. Go green! Permeable grass pavers can be used for building walkways. Mostly, they are used instead of impermeable asphalt driveways so that rainwater can be absorbed and that a contribution is brought to conserving the environment.

8. Even cement can be made to look good. The many cement paths Maidstone homes present can look amazing if the owners find a talented designer and professional cement pourer. If the yard is somewhat elevated, then a nice play of levels and steps can be achieved. If the cement is mixed with


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