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Frequently Asked Questions About A Children Dental Clinic In Honolulu HI

Every parent knows how important it is to take their children to the dentist on a regular basis, however, a visit to the dentist can be very scary for a child. Individuals who who have children that are hesitant to go to the dentist should learn about the advantages of a pediatric dentist. Read these frequently asked questions to learn about the benefits of a Children Dental Clinic Honolulu HI dentist.

What makes a pediatric dentist different than a regular dentist?

In addition to the general training that’s standard for all dentists, a pediatric dentist completes diverse education courses that focus on the specific dental needs of children. These courses encompass child development and child psychology, as well as specialized orthodontics. The schooling also centers on dentistry care for children who have special medical needs.

The environment and decor of a Children Dental Clinic Honolulu HI is also different than a regular dentist’s office. In a dentist facility that specializes in treating children, there’s often colorful cartoons and drawings on the walls for entertaining their little patients.

How does a pediatric dentist help children have good oral health?

Dental checkups and cleanings every six months helps to keep teeth healthy and prevents future tooth problems. When a dentist spots a decaying tooth, a filling is placed into the cavity to prevent further decay of the tooth.

Bacteria and acids that are inside the mouth merge with stray particles of food and this causes cavities to develop in the fissures of the back teeth. A dentist will often brush sealants on a child’s teeth to prevent these cavities from forming. Sealants provide a strong barrier to keep these destructive substances out of the teeth.

Fluoride is a type of mineral that’s present in drinking water and some foods. Destructive acids inside the mouth break down the enamel that’s on the teeth and fluoride works to restore the lost enamel. Children who aren’t receiving enough fluoride may need to take fluoride supplements, which also helps to reduce cavities.

Dentistry shouldn’t be stressful or frightening for children. Parents who want their children to enjoy their visit to the dentist can contact Kidshine Pediatric Dental Group. This dental clinic provides dental services for children of all ages in a fun and relaxing environment. You can also also connect them on Facebook.

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