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Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canal Therapy in Parker CO

Individuals who experience tooth pain often need to visit a dentist for root canal therapy in Parker CO. This is a common procedure and an experienced dentist can repair the tooth and relieve the pain. Learn more about this procedure by reading the frequently asked questions and the answers below.

Q.) Why does a person need to have root canal therapy?

A.) When decay damages the pulp inside of a tooth and infection appears in the root of the tooth, a dentist will recommend root canal therapy. The need for this procedure often occurs due to decay or trauma to the tooth. An infected tooth is dangerous and the infection can spread to other parts of the body and cause serious health issues.

Q.) What are some of the symptoms that indicate a person needs root canal therapy?

A.) A person who needs a root canal procedure may experience tooth sensitivity that leads to pain. After taking an x-ray of the tooth, the dentist will see a dark spot on the root of the tooth, which indicates the need for root canal therapy.

Q.) What are the steps a dentist takes when performing a root canal therapy procedure?

A.) After numbing the area around the tooth, a dentist who performs Root Canal Therapy in Parker CO uses a drill to make an opening in the surface of the tooth. The dentist uses dental instruments to clean out the decay inside the pulp of the tooth. After cleaning out the decay and infection, the dentist uses an antiseptic solution to disinfect the inside of the tooth. The dentist places a plastic, rubbery type substance into the opening of the tooth and then seals the surface of the tooth with a filling. If a large portion of the surface of the tooth is gone due to decay, the dentist may place a crown on the tooth at a later date.

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