Four Types of General and Specialty Dental Treatments Available in Dallas Jul12


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Four Types of General and Specialty Dental Treatments Available in Dallas

A Dallas dentist’s office provides everything from pediatric care to sedation work. These professionals perform preventative treatments and emergency services. The dental teams can repair smiles and straighten teeth.


When it comes to preventative dental work, it often starts with an exam. A dental hygienist may take x-rays of your jaw and check for signs of oral cancer. Your dentist will check your teeth’s alignment and look for cavities. The office might recommend dental sealants. These help stop cavities from forming.


Restoration work at a Dallas dentist’s office may involve crowns, veneers, and implants. If you have a broken or diseased tooth, a crown might fix it if the root is healthy. If the root is damaged, your dentist may suggest an implant instead. Veneers can improve a smile. These thin sheets bond to your teeth, and they can fill in gaps and hide discoloration.


An office that works with children will have toys, games, and sometimes movies to keep kids entertained. The staff will be sensitive to your child’s needs, and the rooms are often decorated in bright colors. A friendly environment helps reduce fear while providing serious care.


If a person has anxiety about going to the dentist, they may want to seek out a practice that offers sedation treatments. Some available forms are nitrous oxide, general anesthesia, and prescription drugs. Many treatments allow you to stay awake, but you will be deeply relaxed. For more information about a Dallas dentist office that provides these services and more, visit Rio Dental & Orthodontics.

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