Four Things Homeowners Can Do For Rodent Control in Tauranga Nov01


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Four Things Homeowners Can Do For Rodent Control in Tauranga

Rats and mice can be difficult to deal with in a home. Not only do they cause damage to a home, they can also carry diseases that can affect the health of humans. When the temperatures begin to drop, homeowners will often see an influx of these pests entering their homes so they can stay warm. Thankfully, there are some ways homeowners can be sure rodents stay away from their property with rodent control in Tauranga.

These tips should help homeowners stay rodent free.

  • One of the most important things a person can do is to make sure their home does not become a source of food for rodents. Rodents are often attracted to trash that includes food debris. All food should be kept tightly sealed, as should all garbage cans.
  • Even small rats can enter a home with an opening only the size of a quarter. It is imperative homeowners check their property for any holes or cracks that might allow rodents to enter the home. These should be sealed with steel reinforcement to ensure the rodents cannot bite through and gain access.
  • Some rats can enter a property through the roof, so it is important to keep the limbs of nearby trees trimmed back so they are not hanging over the roof. Trees should be trimmed once to twice a year so they do not provide a pathway for rats.
  • Rats are attracted to debris because they enjoy hiding and making nests. Homeowners are encouraged to clean up their yards, remove debris, and store items neatly away when they are not being used.
  • Electronic repellent devices can often keep rodents at bay by sending out ultrasonic waves. While these can rarely be used to get rid of a rodent problem, they can be used for prevention.
    If you are a homeowner in need of Rodent Control in Tauranga, it is important to seek professionals for treatment. They can remove the rodents from your home and can assist with implementing preventative methods of control. To find more information on these services, call Flick Anticimex today to schedule your appointment.

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