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Four Steps For Performance Tuning For Sports in Tempe, AZ

With so many possible modifications out there that promise to increase a car’s performance and make it better for racing, it is tough to know where to get started. While even the fastest cars can almost always be improved through more and more modifications, Cordes Performance Racing has put together a four-step guide for beginners for Performance Tuning For Sports in Tempe, AZ.

Four Steps to a Performance Car

  • Reduce weight. The lighter the vehicle is, the faster it can go, but almost all stock vehicles come with additions that add unnecessary weight to a performance vehicle. Think about the things that the vehicle needs for its intended use and get rid of everything else that is weighing it down. This means getting rid of big speakers and audio systems, replacing body parts with lighter carbon fiber parts, and even eliminating extra seats.
  • Improve engine performance. Many people make the mistake that adding horsepower is all they need to increase engine performance, and they do this with a combination of things like cold air intakes, modifications to pistons and cylinders, and exhaust modifications. However, performance is about more than just the horses. Enhancing performance at high-RPMs or low-end torque performance can also result in engine performance. Depending on a vehicle’s weight, adding too much horsepower can reduce performance.
  • Install performance brakes. While this should be a given, many people overlook this part of a high-performance build. If a car can accelerate quickly and top out at speeds well above stock performance, it also needs to be able to stop quickly. Ignoring this step creates safety nightmares.
  • Get the right tires and wheels. Chrome or steel wheels can add unnecessary weight to a car and are usually replaced with either lightweight aluminum or magnesium alloy wheels. If a car is used only for racing, it may have racing slicks. However, if a car also needs to operate safely on the streets, a better choice is simply a tire that is rated for high speeds.

Picking the Right Modifications

The right modifications for a vehicle depend on several factors, such as the vehicle’s intended usage, the owner’s goals, and, of course, budget. Find out more about Performance Tuning For Sports in Tempe, AZ by visiting Cordes Performance Racing.

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