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Four Reasons You Might Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you have suffered from any type of personal injury, it is important to enlist the services of an injury law firm in Elizabeth, NJ to assist you in receiving the compensation that you deserve. The other party will be more interested in saving themselves money so it is important to find the correct form of representation to assist you throughout the whole process. Some of the instances where an injury law firm in Elizabeth, NJ will be able to assist you include after a car accident, when you have experienced defamation of character, when a slip or fall occurs at work, or even when a dog bites you.

Car Accidents

The first situation where you may need an injury law firm Elizabeth, NJ includes when you have been in a car accident. There will be numerous medical bills, along with other bills that will quickly pile up. If you are unable to work due to the injuries incurred from the accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation to help you pay off all expenses accrued. An attorney will be able to work with you and the other party to ensure that you receive the compensation that you are entitled to.


If you feel that someone has wrongfully libeled or slandered your name, and it has hurt you in some way, such as hurting business to your store, you may be able to sue for injury claims. These claims can get complicated so you will need the assistance of an injury law firm in Elizabeth, NJ. There are several things you will need to prove depending on your status in the community. Those who are celebrities will have to prove that the words were said maliciously while normal people just need to prove that they were harmed by the words.

Falling Cases

When you are injured at work, it is important to be provided with the compensation necessary for paying the bills that come due while you are injured. If your employer did not make reasonable accommodations in order to prevent the slip or fall they will be in charge of providing compensation. If they can prove that you were not behaving in a careful and proper manner for the workplace, they may not have to pay any compensation.

Dog Bites

The owner of the dog will be financially responsible for any bites that happen to others from the dog along with any other injuries. The rules will vary by state; some states will hold liability to the owners whether or not the dog has shown aggression in the past while other states only hold the owner liable in aggression has been proven in the past.

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