Four of the Most Popular Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Chicago May27


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Four of the Most Popular Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Chicago

Many people turn to cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of their smiles. If you are thinking about visiting a cosmetic dentist in Chicago, you may be wondering what options are available. Here are four of the most popular treatments performed by cosmetic dentists.

The number one cosmetic dental treatment is teeth whitening. Part of its popularity has to do with the quick and noticeable results people receive. With just one appointment with a cosmetic dentist in Chicago, your teeth will be 5 to 10 shades brighter. The appointment involves cleaning your teeth and using a whitening agent that is left in place for at least half an hour. The final results of one appointment are typically seen about a day after the treatment.

Another popular treatment is dental veneers. This treatment involves placing thin porcelain shells on the outside of the teeth to enhance their appearance. Issues that can be addressed with veneers include teeth that are stained, unevenly shaped, crooked, or broken.

Dental implants are becoming more popular with individuals who want to address missing teeth. The treatment involves placing an artificial root in the jawbone. It serves as an anchor for a dental prosthesis.

Bridges and dental crowns can restore decayed, damaged, and missing teeth. Dental crowns will completely encapsulate a tooth, protecting the original tooth and improving the appearance of your smile.

Learn how the team at Chicago Dental Solutions is dedicated to providing the best oral health care possible.

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