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Fort Morgan Condos and Attractions

Fort Morgan is located on Mobile Point. You will travel on a beautiful scenic route until you have arrived at the end of the Scenic Fort Morgan Peninsula. Fort Morgan is a masonry fort. It was built between the years 1819 and 1833. For history goers, Fort Morgan is a wonderful destination. It has been greatly preserved. You and your family will feel like you are taking a walk back through time as you tour the facility. Lavish Fort Morgan condos are conveniently located close to the fort so you can spend more time touring and less time traveling.

Visit the Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge

The Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge is only a short drive from Fort Morgan. It is a wonderful experience for the whole family. If you love nature, you will enjoy seeing endangered species, migratory birds, and the protected dunes. It is free to all visitors. You and your family can take an adventure on one of the several hiking trails.

Enjoy the Beach

Fort Morgan condo beach rentals are also close to the beach. Miles of white sand run along the peninsula. Your children can build sand castles and enjoy the emerald waters, while you relax and sunbathe or join them for a swim. Like the refuge, the beach is also a free family trip.

Take a Ferry to Fort Gaines

Fort Morgan condos are also close to the ferry ride that will take you and your family to Fort Gaines. Fort Gaines was extremely important during the Battle of Mobile Bay during the Civil War. For history fanatics, you will be amazed to see the historic military site upon arrival at Dauphin Island. You must make arrangements for the tour in advance.

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