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Forklift History and Best Practices for Forklift Parts Seattle

The predecessor of the modern forklift, the Tructractor, was built in 1917. By using a pull-chain, workers could lift objects a few inches off the ground for transport to another area. It wasn’t until 1923 that the machine we recognize today as the forklift was built. Instead of needing assistance from humans to raise objects, this new model had a pinion and ratchet system that could lift objects unassisted. Soon, all-terrain forklifts were lifting bricks, boulders and even cars! The current models include forklifts that can move sideways as well as forward and reverse.

Just as the forklift evolved from a basic manual machine to an all-around workhorse, the parts needed to run and add value to it grew by leaps and bounds. These parts range from common internal engine parts to elaborate attachments such as utility buckets, clamps and spreader bars. There are parts that can have a Forklift operating as a scale and weigh merchandise. There are even attachments to use the forklift as a mop or a broom! Even though a forklift may be smaller than other vehicles, they actually work much harder. They drive, haul, push, pull and lift objects that can weigh more than the forklift itself. Routine maintenance is key in making sure that you get many years of solid work from your forklift. When it comes to forklift parts, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is not always better and aftermarket is not always cheaper. The correct part should be purchased, regardless of the cost, making sure that it comes with a warranty. The supplier should be a reputable and authorized dealer. If that inexpensive part, purchased without a guarantee or from a questionable dealer, fails to work as intended or is defective then the money saved wasn’t really saved at all after the cost, hassle and wait time to obtain another part. This is when a consumer will look to the Forklift Parts Seattle professionals for assistance. Forklift Parts Seattle has a vast selection of OEM and aftermarket parts for all of the major forklift brands and manufacturers. If they don’t have the part that is needed, it can be located and ordered. Customers don’t have to waste time searching websites and calling companies. Let the professionals do the research and get the right part, right when you need it!

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