Ford Dealers in Hackettstown Can Give You Insider Car Buying Information Oct31


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Ford Dealers in Hackettstown Can Give You Insider Car Buying Information

People who sell cars for a living have been given a bad rap over the years. People always assume the worst of a car salesperson’s intentions. The truth is that people who sell cars for a living work really hard and don’t earn as much as you might think. And at the Ford dealers just outside of Hackettstown you can rest assured that you will be dealing with the best sales people in the industry. But just in case you still aren’t sure, here is some insider information that was given to us by the Ford dealers’ sales department to show you that they have your best interests at heart.

What most car buyers don’t realize is that the margins for a car sale are really thin. Sales people don’t actually earn that much money on a new car sale because of these thin margins. The more deals they offer to the car buyer, the less they earn on the sale. Most car sales people make more money selling used cars, rather than new cars, because there is more to work within the margins.

The Manager
When a sales person says that they need to ‘check with their manager’ they really mean it. The sales manager has to give approval in order for the dealership to earn as much as they can. No deal goes out if it hasn’t been approved by the sales manager. Don’t think that this is a stalling tactic, it is actually a requirement.

Buyers Know
Buyers aren’t the same as they were twenty years ago. Most people from Hackettstown come into a Ford dealer knowing what they are looking for and how to get the best deal. Sales people really have to have something to offer in order to be successful in the industry. Sales people need to make sure that buyers get the best deal, which is how they close sales.

End of the Month
Towards the end of a month you are likely to get a better deal than at the beginning of the month. This is mainly because sales people will have a better idea of how close they might be to their goal or a potential bonus. When you come in at the end of the month you might be able to help a sales person achieve their goal and they will be more likely to fight for a deal for you.

You can trust the sales people at Maple Crest Ford, the local Ford dealers for Hackettstown. They work hard for their customers and have always been rated highly for customer service and loyalty. When looking for a car you don’t have to look any further than Maple Crest Ford.


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