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For Vacation Traveling Choose a Minivan Rental in New York NY

People are on the move all over the country. Some have saved up money for quite a while to take their family on a much-needed vacation away from the city. Others have saved up to go to the city. Many couples downsize from a big home to an apartment or smaller house and then they rent an RV, trailer or a van to take them across the country to see the mountains and oceans. Some people simply want to rent a safer vehicle than the one they own and take off for a nice long weekend.

Vehicle Rentals in New York City

Whatever vehicle is needed for a vacation, making a move to a new apartment, or traveling upstate, a vehicle rental can be found by visiting website and viewing the company website. They offer a Minivan Rental in New York NY that seats 7 people, plus the vehicle features blind-spot monitoring, air conditioning, and electric windows. They also rent out GMC Savana cargo vans that seat 2 people and have a clearance of 7 feet. Vans that seat 15 passengers are also available to those vacationing with a group. These are just a few of the high-quality rentals available on the website.

Viewing the Website

Viewing a company website to see the types of vehicles they rent to people is wise. Forms required for a Minivan Rental in New York NY and other vehicles offered are also available on the website. These include insurance forms, accident report forms, credit card authorization forms and various tax-exempt forms for non-profit organizations, production companies, and diplomats.

EZ Pass Transponders and Rates

Please note that all vehicles are equipped with an EZ Pass transponder that tallies up toll road fees that will be charged to the renter’s credit card. Daily, weekly and monthly rental rates are also listed on the website for all vehicles.

Renting an SUV

An SUV is a very popular rental vehicle. They’re large and comfortable and feature air conditioning, and roll stability control making them a safe ride. Both the Chevy Traverse SUV and the Chevy Suburban offer a roomy and comfortable seating capacity. Both have AM/FM Radio and EZ Pass. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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