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For Customers Who May Be Looking for a 222972 Magazine Rack in New Jersey

Any person who owns an AR-15 or any rifle will want a place to store the magazines used for the particular rifle. The AR-15 is a very popular rifle used by hunters, sportsmen, and other gun enthusiasts, and the magazines will need to be in a place where they can be protected. An electronics components supply store also offers the 222972 magazine rack in New Jersey for customers who may have a hard time finding the rack elsewhere. Here is a look at why a customer would want the magazine rack.

Information about the 222972 Magazine Rack

Customers spend a lot of money on the magazines they put in their rifles, and they will want to keep them from getting scratched up. The magazine rack comes with a vinyl protective coating, which will protect the magazines from becoming marred or otherwise damaged by rubbing against the metal. The metal used to make the 222972 rack is a durable steel product that will last many years for the customer. The racks can hold up to 10 magazines, whether they are loaded or unloaded.

More Information about the 222972 Magazine Rack

In addition to holding 10 magazines, the magazine rack could also hold up to 30 rounds of in-line magazines, if a customer wanted to use it for that. The magazine racks will not take up much space and can be mounted on a wall to prevent taking up any floor space. This is good to know if a customer wanted to put a magazine rack in a vaulted room, a garage, or some other place where they may not be much additional space. The racks are not that expensive in some places.

Purchasing the Magazine Rack

When customers cannot purchase their magazine racks from usual places, such as gun stores, or they are looking to save money, there are other types of stores that sell them. Business┬áName is an electronics supply store that also sells 222972 magazine racks for customers. If a person is looking for a 222972 Magazine Rack in New Jersey, the electronics supply store has it. The team at the supply store tells customers, “for more info contact us“.

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