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Foam Mattresses Help Improve Your Health

There are several factors that contribute to an overall healthier you. Enjoying peaceful, quality sleep is one of the most important. Sleep helps restore your body, mind, and emotional wellbeing. Without it, getting through the day becomes a task in and of itself. Your ability to concentrate, absorb information, and maintain a healthy body will be affected by lack of sleep. Your mattress plays a large role in your ability to fall asleep comfortably. Gel and memory foam mattresses in particular are known for providing various health benefits that stem from getting the recommended amount of sleep every night.

Begins with Sleep

Your body does more than dream while you’re asleep. It repairs damage, files away information, and strengthens important muscles such as your heart. Individuals who get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night are also less likely to experience strokes and develop cancer. With a comfortable mattress, sleeping properly is one of the easiest paths to take toward a healthier you. Because they are highly rated in terms of overall comfort and support, more people are choosing gel and memory foam mattresses. New Orleans mattress professionals are knowledgeable in the health benefits of foam sets, and offer reasonable prices that suit your budget.

Perfect for Allergies

Do you suffer from allergies or hay fever? Is your current bed set a box spring mattress? If so, you may want to consider upgrading to a foam set. Because gel and memory foam sets are made from synthetic materials, they’re ideal for allergy sufferers. Some traditional mattresses have a tendency to absorb dead skin cells. Dust mites are known to cause allergic reactions, and are attracted to dead skin cells – one of their main food sources. Foam sets protect you from dust mite exposure, which improves your chances of waking up without sneezing, congestion, or itchy and watery eyes.

Mattress Direct is a Louisiana company that provides quality mattress sets and bed accessories that will help you enjoy a better night’s sleep. They supply only the most highly rated products at affordable prices. To choose your new gel or memory foam set, visit .

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