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Florida Court Reporters Provide Valuable Corporate Services

Florida court reporters are not only trained and certified to perform real-time depositions at hearings, trials or other legal proceedings, but they are also available in other environments to provide instant transcripts that can be cross-indexed, keyword searched and cross-referenced. Corporations and various industries, as well as local governments, translators for the hearing impaired, educational facilities and other prospects increasingly use Florida court reporters for their transcription needs.

Many industries are discovering that trained Florida court reporters are uniquely qualified to provide detailed and accurate transcripts of important corporate proceedings that make business more efficient both in terms of cost and time. Utilizing a Stenotype machine that is hooked up to a computer, court reporters are able to quickly and accurately provide an instant transcript that is projected on a screen, either several computer monitors or a television screen, and that can be saved and archived, duplicated on hard drives, CDs or other storage devices, or printed for distribution. Moreover, as already mentioned, the record can be consulted even while the meeting is still going on, which gives extraordinary added value to the process.

A court reporter may use such technology to instantly transcribe business meetings, conferences, shareholder meetings, contract negotiations, policy briefings or even press conferences. This is an invaluable tool to use in real-time in order to provide instant transcripts which can be easily searched in order to address or clarify basic points and cross-referenced against other meetings or briefings. Trained Florida court reporters know how to take advantage of the technology in order to organize material in the most effective and meaningful way to conduct business in a timely and productive manner. Far more efficient than minutes either penned or typed in shorthand, transcripts are immediately available online and in the system and ready to use.

Moreover, court reporters are available to contract rather than hire full-time on staff from prestigious firms, and can be available for conference calls or online webcasts. Working in conjunction with legal departments, being available to take depositions or to witness and transcribe complicated contracts is a major plus for businesses who in the past have relied upon notes or recording devices for similar purposes, which must later be listened to and transcribed, leaving more room for data entry errors and further corrections.

Hiring Florida court reporters outside of the courtroom is a growing trend, and as the technology and the occupation continue to develop in tandem, projections for at least an 18% growth rate over the next five years reveal the security and stability of the job, as well as its value to corporate and industry concerns.

Florida court reporters fromAcuScribe are top-notch professionals who offer a variety of services to meet your court reporting needs. The national firm hires expert, licensed professionals. For more information call 512-499-0277 or 800-497-0277 or email info@acuscribe.com

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