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Flea Extermination in Savannah, GA Prevents the Spread of Deadly Diseases

Professional Flea Extermination in Savannah GA can become necessary when feline or canine residents in a household become infested with the pesky little bugs. Left to breed and multiply, fleas infiltrate carpeting, rugs, and linens, and keep busy biting the humans who live there. They can be very difficult to eradicate since their eggs are laid all over the home and can remain dormant for a long time.

The Spread of Illness and Parasites

Since these bugs are parasites, people may wonder if fleas serve any useful purpose in the ecosystem or if they only exist to be a nuisance and spreader of disease. They also spread other parasites, including various kinds of worms that live in the intestinal tract. That’s why a cat that catches a mouse should probably be treated for worms, as it may have eaten some fleas living on that mouse. If the owner later finds fleas living on the cat, professional Flea Extermination in Savannah GA for the home may be necessary.

Possible Evolutionary Purpose

Some scientists theorize that one evolutionary purpose for the flea is to reduce populations of even more worrisome pests. Species of wild rats are primary examples. Fleas inflict the rodents with diseases that then decrease the rat population. Unfortunately, those diseases also have sometimes spread to humans with disastrous consequences.

The Plague

As recently as 2008, fleas in Colorado were found to be infected with the plague. Those fleas were collected from prairie dogs, which also are classified as rodents. Decades ago, this type of finding wasn’t as bothersome because people didn’t live near prairie dog burrows. With so many individuals moving further into rural areas, they wind up sharing neighborhoods with prairie dogs and other wildlife that may carry parasites.


Fleas also can infect people with typhus by biting them and transmitting the bacteria into the bite victim’s bloodstream. Although the illness is infrequent in North America, it has been detected in Georgia and other states on rare occasions.

Especially because fleas sometimes carry serious infectious illnesses, Flea Extermination in Savannah GA is important to eliminate them from homes. Technicians from a company such as Savannah Termite and Pest Control are ready to do battle with these pests.

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