Fix Debt With a Bankruptcy Attorney

by | May 7, 2013 | Law Firms, Lawyers

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Bankruptcy is needed to reduce the significant effects of debt. The bankruptcy filer can be relieved from all or many financial problems. A bankruptcy stays on the person’s credit history for a decade, which may affect loan applications. Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney Milwaukee Wi professional who will help you make the best steps.

Reviewing bankruptcy choices involves knowing state and federal laws. Only a bankruptcy attorney knows how to recommend the best choice. The most common choices are Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy. A Chapter 7 filing clears out all debts for individuals and businesspeople. In addition, Chapter 11 bankruptcy is more often used by companies and corporations that need to restructure their debts. Under Chapter 7, the company stops working and sells its possessions. Under Chapter 11, the filer continues to work and keeps possessions, but the court oversees the activities.

Other types of bankruptcies include Chapter 12 and Chapter 13. The Chapter 12 option is provided only to fishers and farmers who meet strict debt requirements. The Chapter 13 option is provided to people who want to reorganize their finances and make repayments over several years. It is a way to consolidate debts under the supervision of the courts. The person benefits by ceasing collections, foreclosures and potential lawsuits.

Know the pros and cons of bankruptcy because this option gets rid of many but not all debts. Many times, student loan bills are not removed after a filing. A loan can be removed only in extreme circumstances like a severe illness or disability. Spousal and child support cannot be removed. Regardless of this fact, you can file a Chapter 13 plan and start making easy payments that cease collections.

Be sure you are prepared for a major shift in the handling of your finances. Free yourself from uncertainties regarding money. If you are serious about relieving debts, follow through with these court-monitored plans. In the beginning, choose the best option for your situation. Reduce the chances of losing property and making excessive payments to creditors. Choose the knowledge and experience of a Bankruptcy Attorney Milwaukee Wi professional.

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