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Five Steps of Tree Pruning in Richmond VA

Not only can regular tree pruning Richmond VA create a beautiful, manicured backdrop for your garden, it can also help increase your home’s property value and keep your home safe from falling limbs. Tree pruning can be done the average homeowner with just a few simple steps. Remember when you are deciding whether to prune your trees on your own if you are ever in doubt, or feel uncomfortable or unsafe, contact a professional tree pruning Richmond VA.

Step 1- Inspect the tree.

You will want to find which branches are making up the tree’s skeleton so that you can avoid cutting these. Make sure that these branches are keeping with the general shape and size you want the tree to be when mature. If the tree is already mature, you can still reshape it, you just have to be prepared to allow the tree a little more time to conform to the tree pruning Richmond VA.

Step 2- Prune any unhealthy or dead branches.

Anything that is showing signs of disease, damage, or death should be removed first so that the tree can concentrate its energy on healthy growth, not sustaining the damaged portion.

Step 3- Find the excess limbs growing parallel to each other.

Wherever you find two branches parallel to each other, select the least healthy of the two for tree pruning Richmond VA. This will allow for the step ladder appearance which gives trees plenty of room to grow and fill in with foliage and flowers.

Step 4- Remove any branches growing back towards the tree.

On the limbs that you have left, prune off any branches that are facing inward towards the tree. These can be trimmed back completely to the branches. Again, the idea is to give the attractive and healthy branches plenty of room to grow.

Step 5- Step back and assess for over crowded areas and conformity.

At this point, you are pruning for appearances and growth potential. Trim back any areas that appear over crowded. Mentally picture the height and shape you want the tree to have at maturity and do your tree pruning Richmond VA to suit.

To learn more about why you should consider tree pruning service in Richmond VA, visit ElliottTreeService.com.

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