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Five Basic Steps to Generator Installation in Chicago Heights

The reasons to install a portable generator go far beyond being prepared for the occasional electricity outage. However, the proper generator installation chicago heights is important for the safety of both yourself and your home. Follow these five easy steps in order to properly install your generator.

#1- Turn off your natural gas if you are going to connect your generator to the gas supply at your home. Then double check that the natural gas has been turned off.

It is very important that you disconnect and turn off the connecting natural gas lines before you begin working on anything that may connect to it. The fumes from gas are explosive, and generator installation chicago heights may cause a spark: it’s better to be safe than sorry.generator installation chicago heights generator installation chicago heights

#2- Prepare the ground.

You do not want your generator to be located indoors. Select the site outside and level the ground. Remove some dirt and create a level surface with some loose gravel. Use a tamper to even out the surface of the gravel.

#3- Remove the generator from it’s packaging.

Have help if necessary because most generators are heavy enough to need two people to move safely and without risk of injury. Set the generator on the prepared ground, and test it for stability. Attach the natural gas lines and electricity lines.

#4- Pressure test your gas line.

Turn it on and make sure that the line used in your generator installation chicago heights withstands the pressure required from use. Tighten the connections of the natural gas line to the generator to ensure that there is not a leak that could be dangerous and expensive.

#5- Test it Out

Turn the natural gas line back on. Find your home’s breaker box and flip off the main breakers to simulate a power outage so that you can test your generator installation chicago heights. Once you have successfully sent electricity from your generator to your home, be sure and reverse the process by turning off the natural gas to the generator and flipping on your home’s breaker.

With a little bit of elbow grease, you can be prepared for any situation that comes your way with the installation of a portable generator in your home!

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