Fine Art Commissions Can Beautify Your Surroundings and Express Your Vision Apr23


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Fine Art Commissions Can Beautify Your Surroundings and Express Your Vision

There is nothing more unique to the human spirit than fine art. Fine art is a celebration and an appreciation of beauty wherever we humans find it; amongst our environment, in our inanimate objects, and within ourselves. Throughout history, lovers and connoisseurs of art have commissioned fine artists to create paintings and drawings that now hang in museums and private collections. But you do not have to be a wealthy patron to partake in the fun! Many artists exist who would be more than happy to receive your requests for Fine Art Commissions.

Why Should I Seek Fine Art Commissions?

There are many positive things to be said for art. For one, a fine artwork is simply a beautiful decoration which lends color, personality, and image to what could otherwise be an empty room, and is therefore an important part of interior decoration. In addition to beautifying, fine art can express your unique personality. When you seek fine art commissions, you are the one who approaches an artist with a clear vision in mind for what you want out of the piece.

Choosing the Artist

It is important, when commissioning fine art, to make sure that you are comfortable and compatible with the artist and his or her artistic vision. A great way to look up potential artists is to look at online profiles of artists, many of who have personal websites with digital galleries of their portfolio, samples of their work, and their resume and experience.

Another surefire way to find an artist is at a gallery, which hosts exhibitions of work and where you can meet the artists.

Paintings and Drawings

The most common and enduring genres of fine art are paintings and drawings. Within these artistic styles, there are subsets, each of which has different artistic guidelines and goals. Consider what type of artwork you want before you send out requests for fine art commissions.

* Landscapes: Landscapes capture the beauty of the natural and built environment.

* Portraits: Portraits celebrate a unique personality!

* Still life: A still life reveals the hidden life of inanimate objects.

* Figurative drawing: Figurative drawing celebrates the unique beauty of the human form, not just the body but the face as well. It has an intimate quality, bereft of color but with depth of shadow and contour.

Nicole Alger is one of the most highly trained and sought after artists for fine art commissions. To learn more about Alger and her work, please visit

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