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Finding Woodwick Candles Near You

Woodwick candles are wonderfully scented candles that sound just like a crackling fire as they burn. Best of all, the average Woodwick candle will last three times as long as a regular candle. These types of candles can be found in homes everywhere.

Woodwick candles are very appealing because of their unique scents and how they burn. As the wick burns, the candle produces a sound similar to a crackling fire in a fireplace. This is because of the uniqueness of the wooden wick. The candles also blend in beautifully with any room.


Candles are lovely and can fill a room evenly with a beautiful fragrance in a short period of time. Woodwick candles come in many different scents. Most scents are country styles such as sandalwood, applewood, driftwood, and pine. However, Woodwick candles have a holiday collection of pumpkin butter, vanilla bean, cinnamon, crimson berries, and apple crisp.

Woodwick candles have a much longer burning time than other candles. They will self-extinguish when it reaches within a half inch from the bottom of the container.

The holidays especially are a great time to burn Woodwick candles. Just cuddle up with a blanket and be lulled to a relaxed state by listening to the soft crackling of a burning Woodwick candle.

Where to Find Woodwick Candles

To find Woodwick candles, just do an internet search of “Woodwick Candles near me.” Woodwick candles can be found in many stores or online. They are available in different types of fragrances and sizes.

All Woodwick candles are made using the highest quality ingredients of wax blends and a carefully formulated fragrance recipe. Woodwick ensures their candles have consistent smells throughout the life of the candle and they guarantee all of their products.

It is not too late for your Woodwick candle for the holidays or to find a retailer of Woodwick candles near you.

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