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Finding Transportation From LAX to Popular Tourist Hot Spots in California

One thing the 2020 pandemic made a mess of is how people manage to get from one place to another. It has to be safe while still remaining convenient and affordable. Even now that people are finally starting to travel again, many of the customary means of airport shuttle service or airport van service have either been suspended indefinitely or nixed completely. That is definitely the case with popular Californian tourist attractions and many Californian hotels that used to provide shuttle service from LAX airport. So, how can you possibly get around without having to rent a car and try to navigate California highways? Here are a few tips.

Shuttle Van Service in a Slightly Different Format

You can still get a shuttle from the airport to your destination. It’s just going to look a bit different than what you may have remembered or what you expected. This type of airport shuttle is a bus company that provides charter services for tourists and offers pickup and drop-off times on specific days of the week. If you can tweak your Californian vacation to fit around this shuttle van service, then you can still enjoy everything you planned to visit.

Shuttle Van Service Can Take Your Group Everywhere

If you are coming to California with a sizable group to vacation later this year, most of the popular tourist attractions are still not going to offer their own modes of transportation, especially with large groups. However, this airport van service is willing to do it if it is just your family and/or extended family. Check out Great American Charters at www.greatamericancharters.com.

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