Finding the Best Lawyer for Child Custody in Northern Virginia Disputes

Being part of a marriage that is falling apart is sad and stressful. When children are involved everything becomes much more emotional and complicated. Everyone going through a divorce that involves children has to hire the best Child Custody Northern Virginia lawyer that they can afford. While the judge will say that his sole interest in child custody is the welfare of the child, the process of determining that can be hostile and argumentative.

Money is often at the root of child custody and support issues. If one parent decides they want to stay home and raise the children, then the other parent is left with supporting two households. It is not surprising that family law attorneys have to sometimes function as though they are accountants. If one spouse surprises the other with divorce papers, there’s a good chance that they began hiding assets long before their began formal divorce proceedings. Hunting down assets in foreign countries can be a long and complicated process. It may even require hiring a private investigator or forensic accountant.

In Virginia a court will begin with the assumption that joint custody is in the best interest of the child. If the divorce is contentious and bitter, it might be impossible for the couple to agree on raising their children. In fact, sometimes it is disagreements over issues such as a child’s health and medical treatment, home schooling, or discipline that lead to a divorce. It is the role of a Child Custody Northern Virginia lawyer to argue that joint custody is not in the best interest of the child, if this is what their client believes. The lawyer will then have to demonstrate that it is their client who should control the child’s upbringing. The court will have to determine if the allegations are true and what this means for the child.

Financial issues such as child support, alimony, and medical care can continue for decades. Some parents are even required to carry a certain amount of life insurance, so their death won’t interrupt their financial responsibilities. If both parties don’t have competent and aggressive representation, one side may bear an unreasonable portion of the financial burden and lose custody of their children.

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