Finding The Best Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer

by | Feb 1, 2019 | machinery and equipment

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As an essential part in any hydraulic system for heavy equipment, trucks, cranes, equipment, industrial processing systems or many other types of systems, hydraulic cylinders provide the power needed to lift and move the heaviest of loads.

Many of the cylinders in use in equipment are custom designed for that specific use. These are not off-the-shelf types of hydraulic cylinders, and if they need to be replaced, it is essential to find the best hydraulic cylinder manufacturer possible. This ensures the cylinder arrives with the correct size, capacity and lift for easy installation and a long duty cycle.

Choose a Specialized Company

When comparing different options in a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, always look for companies that only produce hydraulic cylinders. There are some companies that provide different types of systems and components, but the specialized company is always the better option.

Verify the company makes the type of hydraulic cylinder required. Some companies only make tie rod cylinders while others focus on welded cylinder design and production. Check to make sure they also offer single r double acting cylinders based on the requirements for the application.

A small number of custom manufacturers also make telescopic cylinders. These need to be carefully engineered, and the expertise of the manufacturer is essential.

Pricing and Turnaround Time

Two crucial factors to consider with any hydraulic cylinder manufacturer is the cost for the custom cylinder and the time for delivery. While pricing is typically competitive with the best shops, the turnaround time can be very different. To limit equipment downtime, look for the manufacturer offering the best quality, competitive prices, and the fastest turnaround time.

Finally, many companies choose to buy American made products. There are custom cylinders that are made outside of the United States, and confirming they make their products in the USA may be an essential consideration for any company.

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