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Finding Just the Right Angus Bulls for Sale from the Proven Industry Leader

As cattle ranchers are well aware, Angus bulls are the finest species of cattle on the planet. When ranchers go out on the market and look for Angus bulls for sale, it is critical that they deal with one of the premier Angus bull breeders and sellers if they want the very best for their investment.

As this could be a critically important investment that could have repercussions for generations, Angus bull buyers should research carefully the land and cattle company offering prime Angus bulls for sale when determining who to do business with. Superior Angus bull sellers are industry leaders in:

Experience in the industry
. The very best Angus cattle breeders have been breeding and selling the finest stock available for well over five decades.

Quality of the bulls
. Angus bulls with superior genetics, bred generation after generation, is what helps the leader rise far and away above the rest. Their Ideal Beef Evaluation will include:

• Emulation Line

• Emulus Line

• Eldorado Line

• Rito Line

• Traveler Line

More breeding with fewer bulls
. The leader integrates the trademarked SmartBulls program. SmartBulls, 30 months of age or older, offer high-quality genetics at an affordable cost per cow herd. These SmartBulls have a minimum of two breeding seasons, having passed a number of BSE and health screenings.

Accolades from highly respected sources
. Featured in BEEF Magazine, the industry leader and their operations were covered in great detail. Relevant topics included their breeding program, their Angus bull leasing program, SmartBulls, and Ideal Beef Evaluation.

In BEEF Magazine’s Annual Seedstock 100 list, the industry leader was named America’s #1 Choice for Bulls for the seventh straight year.

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