Finding Home Health Care in Salisbury MD

by | Apr 29, 2013 | Health

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When a loved one needs Home Health Care in Salisbury MD, you can be overwhelmed and disoriented. The number of home health agencies is astounding, but their quality is not always up to par. How do you choose an agency when you have no idea what questions to ask? How do you know if they are reliable? Due to patient privacy regulations, you cannot just ask for references of the agencies, so knowing the right questions to ask helps immensely.

To begin with, you want to ensure that your agency meets all of the certifications that your state requires. The agency is reviewed regularly, and you can read the reviews at the state health department. Medicare has a different set of qualifications that a home health agency must meet. If an agency does not participate with Medicare, you might want to determine why they do not participate. Another agency that monitors home health agencies is the Joint Commission. Ask if they have been evaluated by the Joint Commission and ask to see the report that was provided.

While obtaining the names of current or former patients is highly unlikely due to the HIPAA regulations, you can ask friends, coworkers, and neighbors if they have had any experience with home health care in Salisbury MD. You can also ask social workers and discharge coordinators at the local hospitals with whom they prefer to work. While they may not have direct experience with the care that the agency provides, they will know how organized or efficient the organization is. The organization, efficiency, and professionalism of the organization will reflect the overall practices of the company. Also, you might want to ensure that the company accepts your insurance. Not all agencies are preferred providers.

Be sure to establish the type of care required. If skilled nursing is needed, then ask what certifications their nurses maintain as well as what their level of experience is. You also need to determine if the caregiver is able to teach the patient or family members any particular nursing skill that may be helpful. Finally, be sure to openly communicate with your home health care provider. If you have concerns, share them.

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