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Finding Fun Events Near Lawrence

If you and your friends are looking for some fun events near Lawrence, consider visiting a winery for some quality entertainment. Aside from the fact that you will get a chance to taste some quality wines, you’ll also be able to participate in things such as a seasonal pumpkin patch, listening to a live local band, and learning about the winemaking process. Wineries are also a great place to celebrate birthdays, bachelorette parties, holiday parties, and much more. If you are looking to have some fun with close friends, a winery is the place to go.

A Break From the Local Bar Scene

Many people find themselves burnt out from the local bar scene and may be looking for something different to do instead. A winery is a perfect place to wet your whistle while also enjoying a change of scenery. Not to mention it is typically jam packed full of events that include live music, food trucks, special guests, and a whole lot more. If fun events near Lawrence are what you are looking for, your first and only stop should be the local winery.

Fun for Locals and Tourists Alike

Whether you are a local to Lawrence, live near it, or are just in town for a short while, the local winery is the place to be. You can enjoy the large selection of wines and cider and even find out how the winemaking process works.

Finding a Wine You Like

Another benefit of visiting a winery is that you can try a variety of different wines and figure out which one suits you best. If you are not quite sure what types of wines you might like, you can sample as many different kinds as you like at a winery. Once you have decided on a wine that you like, you can purchase a bottle (or two) to take home for yourself. This, in turn, eliminates the guesswork of trying to pick out a wine you might like at a grocery store or liquor store.

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