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Find the Help You Need When Planning a San Pablo Funeral for Your Loved One

Saying goodbye to a loved one can be difficult. In addition to grieving, you need to prepare a funeral or celebration of life that reflects your love for the dearly departed while showing the respect they so deserve. Funeral centers can help you with all the details when it comes to planning funerals near San Pablo.

Important Decisions

Whether you are planning an unexpected funeral or preparing for the future, there are many decisions to be made. The first one is what to do with the body. A cremation is an option many people choose. Beautiful urns are available to hold the ashes. Otherwise, the dearly departed can be traditionally laid out in either an open or closed casket.

The Details

Your funeral center helps with making decisions related to all of the details. They help you create an obituary, and they often have connections to local florists that can handle many of the flowers. You can choose to leave personal items that have special meaning to them. These can be displayed for the service.

The Service

You can choose to have a traditional service that includes a few speakers, a pastor giving a eulogy, and special hymns. Another popular trend is to have a celebration of life which is more of a joyful look back on the departed’s life.

Count on the funeral centers in your area when it comes to planning funerals near San Pablo. Visit St. Joseph Cemetary & Funeral Center to learn more.

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