Find Out Why Stan’s Ranks Among the Best Donut Places in Chicago

The back story on this favorite donut and coffee stop is a heart-warming one. It involves a friendship that blossomed between a locally beloved, old-school master donut maker and one of Chicago’s top artisan bakers. Stan Berman opened his first donut shop in 1963. Rich Labriola’s passion for baking excellence earned him local foodie fame. Through the creative partnership of these talented friends, Stan’s delicious legacy lives on in one of the best donut places in Chicago.

Donuts, Cookies and More

Standard donuts are built upon Stan’s classics, the ones that made Chicago know and love him. Labriola’s artisan magic shines in such Dough Boy’s Best items as the Chocolate Pocket with Nutella and the Banana and the Biscoff Pocket. Classics, such as Boston creams and apple fritters, and artisan treats, including the Lemon Pistachio Old Fashioned, make up the Specialties list.

There are also low gluten and vegan donut options. Cookie choices include the classic Snickerdoodle, an oatmeal raisin cookie with just a bit of toasted coconut, and a chocolate chunk, all shaped like donuts.

Locally Roasted Coffee, Expert Baristas

Partnering with Big Shoulders Coffee and careful barista training yields a satisfying coffee experience. The coffee menu ranges from the simple, classic cup to the expertly crafted Chai latte. High quality coffee and skilled baristas make this one of the best donut places in Chicago. For information on location, catering and special orders, visit the Stan’s Donuts & Coffee website

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