Find Out More About SSAPs in Las Vegas Apr26


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Find Out More About SSAPs in Las Vegas

When you take a job, there is more to it than the salary offered. Now more than ever, right alongside healthcare benefits, employees are finding the importance of retirement benefits as well.

Things like 401ks and SSAPs in Las Vegas and elsewhere are being offered by organizations looking to bring in and retain the best talent out there. Working with Larson & Company, Certified Public Accountants can mean having a better understanding of SSAPs from both a business and employee perspective.


What are SSAPs? It is a small self administered pension/scheme. This is basically a more tax-efficient pension plan that is offered through a company. When it comes to SSAPs in Las Vegas, they can be a bit confusing unless you have prior experience.

These plans differ from traditional pension plans that would be provided by insurance companies. They differ in that they are self-administered, which means that you have the ability to control not only contributions, but investments made under those plans.

Providing Competitive Benefits

For companies, it is a great way to provide flexibility to top talent. A pension plan can be a great and enticing benefit to offer but allowing individuals to have an SSAP and control their own pension contributions can mean freedom.

Talk to an expert today and you can find out more about what an SSAP can do for you. All it takes is a call or click to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

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