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Fillings, CEREC Crowns, and Dental Implants in Eden Prairie

Some of the dental restoration services that are available to patients are fillings, CEREC crowns, and Dental Implants in Eden Prairie. These restorations allow the dentist to remove decayed areas on a tooth and then fill it in with white fillings or complete tooth restorations that are so close to the real thing that no one but your dentist will know the difference.

In fact, the CEREC technology that is available now for restorations can match the color of your tooth exactly. It’s important to know that if you decide you want to have tooth whitening treatment, a restoration tooth cannot change color and be brightened up with tooth whitening trays. If you’re going to have a crown or other restoration made, let the dentist know that you’re interested in having your new tooth be made a little bit whiter than the natural shade of your teeth. It only takes about 20 minutes for the dental lab in your dentist’s office to create the new crown.

Your dentist can even show you the brand new restoration tooth, and let you see it up close before he permanently bonds it to your tooth. If the tooth you’re having done is a molar, the color will not matter as much, because that is not in the aesthetic area that people see. In that case, you could go with your own tooth color or choose a slightly whiter shade if you like, and if you don’t do the tooth whitening right away, others won’t notice that the new molar is slightly whiter than your own teeth.

Molldrem Family Dentistry doesn’t use silver fillings for two reasons. One is the reason you might suspect, which is that there is going to be some level of mercury in a silver filling, and mercury in your system may eventually lead to health problems. The other reason is that in order to apply a silver filling, the dentist has to first remove more of your own tooth than he would for a white filling, and the dentist doesn’t see a reason to remove healthy tooth tissue unnecessarily. Besides, white fillings look just like your own teeth.

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