Filling for Bankruptcy with Carlton Legal Services PLC Apr18


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Filling for Bankruptcy with Carlton Legal Services PLC

One of the most common financial issues that most people face in today’s tough economic climate is dealing with debt in the smartest way. A paycheck only stretches so far, and with the constant increase in the cost of food, utilities, and other basic necessities, most people turn to credit cards and other loans to cover expenses. Unfortunately, it is very easy to fall behind on payments and get swallowed up by the monster of compound interest. Carlton Legal Services PLC understands the worry and uncertainty faced by people in this situation, and their dedicated team of lawyers are experienced in all areas of bankruptcy law in order to help consumers make educated decisions about debt.

Most people are somewhat familiar with the concept of bankruptcy, but it is important to note that there are actually six different kinds of bankruptcy under American law, some of which pertain specifically to businesses, towns and municipalities, international debtors, and family farmers and fishermen. Individual consumers will typically file for Chapter Seven, Chapter Eleven, or Chapter Thirteen bankruptcy. Chapter Seven filers account for more than sixty percent of bankruptcy filings in the United States, partly due to the fact that it essentially cancels most unsecured debt, and partly due to the ease and speed of the process. Chapter Eleven is most commonly used by businesses and corporations, but is sometimes filed by individuals at the discretion of an attorney. Filing for Chapter Eleven bankruptcy does not cancel the debt, but instead creates a negotiation in which debtors and creditors can work together to set up a repayment plan that usually reduces the amount of debt by a small amount. Chapter Thirteen bankruptcy works in a similar manner by allowing individual debtors to work with creditors to create a payment plan that may or may not include the total amount of the debt. All forms of bankruptcy remain on personal credit reports to a certain amount of time, but it can vary from state to state.

Living with the burden of multiplying debt is mentally, emotionally, and physically stressful, and is a situation that can be difficult to get out of on your own. The dedicated team at Carlton Legal Services PLC has the knowledge and experience you need on your side, and are just one phone call away.

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