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Filing for a Work Injury is Made Easier with the Help of a Work Comp Attorney from Marietta

You’ve been working on the job diligently, doing everything you are supposed to do per your duties. Yet, the duties have taken its toll on your body, and you’ve sustained injuries that make it difficult to work unless you get medical help. The only way to get this done is to file a workers compensation claim so you can get medical help for the damage you’ve received while on the job. However, workers compensation in Georgia can be tricky to get approved, which makes talking to a Work Comp Attorney Marietta a good idea.

So, why would you need a Work Comp Lawyer Marietta? After all, workers comp is something you are entitled to if you are injured on the job. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that. The workers comp laws in the state are designed to strongly favor the employer and insurance company. The excuse is that it’s done to prevent fraud, but all it has done is make it more difficult for an honest individual to get assistance for their injuries. This simple reason alone should be reason enough to retain a Work Comp Attorney Marietta.

You may not want to hire an attorney because you’re not a litigious individual. A majority of people are not, but sometimes a lawyer is needed regardless. The state system is such that you need someone who’s well versed in the laws and has the ability to enforce them on your behalf. Filing without a lawyer greatly decreases your chance of success to get the benefits you need so you can recover.

The problem is that insurance companies do their best to give the claimant a runaround. It begins with denying compensation to those with a legitimate claim and can get to the point of having a physician declare you able to go back to work even though you are clearly not. Even when your claim is processed on the first attempt, you still have to deal with the insurance company doing its very best to drag out your claim, send you checks as slowly as possible and try to force you back to work.

Talk to an experienced workers compensation attorney Marietta at your earliest convenience about a claim. Let someone else do the heavy lifting while you recuperate from your injuries.

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