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Filing Bankruptcy in Henderson, NV for Your Business Can Help Resolve Your Debts

When you open a small business in Henderson, NV, you have all the hope that it will succeed and make you a lot of money but sometimes this is not the case. Regardless of how hard you try to keep your business going it is just not able to make it any longer and you find yourself in insurmountable debt that you are unable to get out of. At this point, you may consider filing a Business Bankruptcy Henderson, NV to help you get out from under this financial hardship.

Filing a business bankruptcy can be overwhelming and confusing if you are unfamiliar with business bankruptcy laws as there are different types that can be filed. The different types of bankruptcy filings which are available to business owners are chapter 7, chapter 11, and chapter 13 bankruptcies which assist the owner in different ways. A chapter 7 is for those businesses that are no longer able to stay open and can assist in settling all your debt so that you can close your business without debt. Then there is the chapter 11 bankruptcy that offers the business owner the ability to restructure their debts and reorganize their company helping it to become more profitable. Lastly, there is the chapter 13 and this is for business owners that haven’t set up their company separate from their personal identity. A chapter 13 is quite similar to the chapter 11 bankruptcy as it allows for restructuring and a repayment plan to your current debtors which can lead to keeping your business running. These types of bankruptcies are rarer than the others because many business owners want to keep their business credit separate from their personal credit ratings. Each type of these bankruptcies requires different paperwork and filings which an attorney can assist you with.

During these hard financial times you may find that your business is losing money and getting further into debt making it seem that you are unable to keep it going and sometimes that may be the case. By looking into the different business bankruptcy laws available you may find that you can restructure and reorganized your business rather than closing the doors for good. For more information visit Newark & Newark Law Firm.

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