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Fighting an Infestation of Termites in Orange County

The best way to fight Termite Orange County is to take preventative measures and to watch for signs of Termites Orange County. Especially after a wet winter, the climate in Orange County can be ideal for termites. Keeping a dry foundation with space or a barrier between wood of your home and soil is a good start. Any dampness around foundation should be inspected for signs of termites. Firewood should be kept above soil levels and away from foundation of home. Excess debris and brush should also be cleared from the yard regularly. Wood mulch should be avoided near the home as it too can attract termites.

During swarming and reproduction, termites can fly. The termites will move about to search for more ideal conditions to start a colony. The termite resembles winged ants. The termites will search for an area that seems moist and warm and has a proper food supply to sustain a new colony. Termites can eat 24 hours a day. A large colony, or several colonies, in a home can create a lot of damage in a short time.

The average termite lives only a year or two. The queen termite, however, in ideal conditions, can live for a decade or more. When a queen termite reaches maturity, it can lay thousands of eggs each year to ensure a strong and large colony.

Recognizing the signs of an infestation is very important in keeping termites from a home. Termite Orange County can cause serious damage to the structure of ones home, leaving the need for costly repairs in their wake. Any noticed signs should be taken seriously and Extermination Orange County should be considered.

Tube-like mud paths along foundation are simple and easily noticed sign of Termite Orange County. Checking wood though out the house, inside and out, can be important as well. Tapping the wood can tell one of damage. If it is hollow sounding, or the wood seems soft, then an infestation maybe possible. Seeing flying termites inside or outside of the home is usually an indication of a mature colony nearby.

If any signs are noticed, it is important to have the area inspected and treated immediately as to prevent further damage of the home. There are many options to effectively remove all termites from a home. Exterminating companies can also treat a home to prevent future infestations.

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