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Few Good Reasons to Choose Terracotta Vases Over Other Planters

You might think having a terracotta planter is no big deal, but there are a few benefits you may miss out on, like the following.


One reason to purchase terracotta vases is that this material is naturally porous. This means it breathes and allows your plants to breathe as well. This little feature also protects your plants from overwatering. A lot of folks make this mistake, but breathable material prevents your plant’s roots from drowning.

Water Indicator

Another perk you might want to keep in mind is that terracotta vases come with their own natural water indicator. Yes, if there is enough water for your plant, it’ll look dark and moist. When your vase looks light, it’s probably time for you to water your plants again.

Natural Beauty

Terracotta weathers beautifully. Sure, you can put a finish on your planters, but this is not really needed. If you let your vases weather naturally, you’ll see small changes and imperfections evolve on their own. This will make your vase look unique.

Top Heavy

This material is very heavy, and that means the chances of anyone tipping the vase over is relatively low. You could even put heavier items into the vase without worrying it will fall over.

Tuscan Imports has been offering high-quality terracotta planters for years, which has earned them the trust of customers, and if you’re ready for yours, then click website to find out more.

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