Fencing For Security And Safety

A fence is something most of us don’t think of on a daily basis, but a properly placed fence can make a world of difference to a business, a municipality, or even a well traveled street or highway. Aside from the aesthetics of a decorative ornamental fence from a Fence Company in Chicago, showcasing a business, most commercial or industrial fences are chain link and are put up for safety or security reasons.

A fence surrounding a business can help deter trespassers when the business is not operating. Many times service vehicles or equipment is parked outside of a business overnight. Unfortunately, the dark of night can be a prime time for theft or vandalism. A locked and secured fenced in area can deter trespassers from easily accessing the business and a barbed wire top on the fence can discourage any climb overs.

Most fences in municipal areas are effective yet easily overlooked, as they tend to blend into the area and subtly do their job of fielding people away from a potentially dangerous area or situation. A fence around a municipal swimming pool is designed to keep out swimmers when the pool is closed. Steep stairways or drop offs on public property may have a barrier fence to avoid injury. A water culvert may have a fence to catch debris from clogging the pipe, thus causing a more serious problem with flooding.

Fences by streets and highways are for the safety of pedestrians and also fellow motorists. A safety fence on a sidewalk close to a busy road may help to keep schoolchildren safe while walking to school. Fences on overpasses help to make the area safe for both pedestrians and motorists alike. The fence keeps pedestrians from falling or jumping from the overpass by blocking access to the rail. The fence also keeps motorists safe, as it prevents projectiles such as rocks or other heavy objects from being thrown onto the highway below. Thrown projectiles such as these have been known to cause many accidents due to an unexpected object crashing through a car windshield or hitting the road startling the driver.

Of course, most people think of fences as something to keep boundary lines clear in a residential area, there are many more useful applications for fences. Take the time to notice them and their placement and most likely, you will be surprised. Visit Top Line Fence today.

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