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Fees Charged by a Personal Injury Lawyer in Everett, MA

Victims of a car accident may hesitate to seek legal advice because they are worried about how much doing so will cost them. Fortunately, most lawyers in this field work on a contingency basis, allowing victims to focus on their recovery rather than thinking about how to pay a personal injury lawyer in Everett, MA. What exactly does this mean and how does it benefit the client?

What Is a Contingency Basis?

When an attorney works on a contingency basis, this means they will only be paid if the case is won. In the event the court rules for the defendant, the attorney collects no money for the time they spent building the case. For this reason, most attorneys taking on personal injury cases only agree to work with a client when they feel they have a strong case. If they don’t, they will recommend the victim take the settlement offered by the other party’s insurer. However, other fees may also be involved and the client might find they are responsible for those expenses.

Additional Expenses

While an attorney may offer to work on a contingency basis, most do require the client pay any additional expenses related to the case. Only the attorney’s fee is handled on a contingency basis. For example, there may be court filing fees and these often become the responsibility of the client whether the case is won or lost. The same is true of any expenses for experts brought in to prove the victim’s case. When speaking to an attorney, be sure this information is clearly shared and is included in any contract that is to be signed. This ensures no new legal problems arise when the case is resolved and the client is expected to pay more than they anticipated.

Visit Bostonautoaccidentlaw.com before hiring a personal injury lawyer in Everett, MA. Ask what to expect when hiring an attorney in this field when it comes to payment. The more a victim knows about the fees they might be required to pay, the easier it becomes to choose a lawyer to hire. However, never let price be the sole deciding factor when it comes to this important decision. Take all elements into account to make certain you get the right attorney for your case and your unique circumstances. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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