Features and Advantages of Apartments Designed for University Students

Many college students no longer want to live in a residence hall by the time they reach their junior year. Nontraditional students and those in a graduate school program commonly prefer to live off campus. Nevertheless, they like to be within walking distance or a short bike ride from school. That’s one priority on the list when these students search for apartments near the University of Wyoming.

Features and Amenities

Some developers of apartments near the University of Wyoming have made significant efforts to create a place that is extremely convenient for students. The apartments are fully furnished, and the buildings offer amenities also featured in residence halls. For example, coin-operated laundry facilities are available. There may even be a fitness center and a coffee shop.

Living Arrangements

Nicer university-area apartments typically are designed for two or three students to share a home. Many men and women put a premium on having their own bedroom and a private bathroom. This is difficult to find in a residence hall setting, although numerous universities have constructed at least one apartment-style residence hall for their upper-grade students in recent years.


Sharing an apartment off campus can actually cost less for students who figure out a financial plan ahead of time. They appreciate having more living space and being able to set their own rules to a larger extent. The students enjoy the extra independence and privacy that comes with living in an apartment. This type of housing opportunity is available at Alight Laramie.

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