Famous Fare That You Can Order and Enjoy at a Barbecue Restaurant Aug05


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Famous Fare That You Can Order and Enjoy at a Barbecue Restaurant

The Midwest is home to some of the most savory cuisine in the country. People who live or travel here can enjoy foods like grilled steaks, roast beef, fried chicken, and homemade pies to just name a few. The food here often leaves a favorable impression with people who live on either coast.

However, out of all of the cuisine that the Midwest is associated with, barbecue is perhaps the most famous. When you visit the best BBQ restaurant in Saint Louis, you can get a better idea of this region’s food when you know what dishes to order from the menu. Barbecue Ribs and Brisket As you view the menu from the best BBQ restaurant in Saint Louis, you will see several selections of beef and pork. The most popular dishes from these categories tend to be ribs and brisket.

The ribs can be either beef or pork and are typically smoked or seasoned with a dry rub. They also tend to be served with wet barbecue sauce that you can add to from the varieties of sauce found on your table. Brisket comes from beef and is smoked slowly over the course of one to two days. It is tender and seasoned with dry rub. However, you can also add barbecue sauce to it for an extra zing. Side Dishes Barbecue restaurants also gain fame for their savory side dishes. The most popular dishes at these eateries tend to be comfort foods like macaroni and cheese and cole slaw.

However, you can also order a side of French fries or a baked potato if you are not a fan of slaw or mac and cheese. You can also find vegetables like green beans and corn on the menu. Barbecue restaurants serve up savory foods in the Midwest. Be sure to stop by one if you’re in the area, and you could leave with a positive lasting impression.

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